Birmingham Tree People

Generally we meet at Kings Heath Park House on the third Saturday of the month, but we may use other venues to put on special events so please check the Birmingham Tree People Facebook page for details. (see left)

If you are thinking of joining us for the first time please contact us as some sessions may be part of an ongoing topic and require previous attendance.  Email us on for more details.

learn about trees


Birmingham Tree People is for anyone in Birmingham interested in trees.  It was set up as part of the Tree Council's network by Birmingham City Council's Tree Officers.  The lectures are given by Ian McDermott a very experienced arboricultural consultant and engaging lecturer. 

find out more

To find out more come along to one of our tree lectures or email us at


Become a Tree warden

Anyone can join us who is interested in looking after trees, saving those under threat, learning more about trees in the urban environment and encouraging others to enjoy trees in Birmingham.