tree identification

Over the course of two years there are 24 sessions of 3.5 hours (9.30am to 1pm) which cover the following topics:

  • What does a Tree warden do?
  • The Value of Trees
  • Woodlands
  • Trees and the Law
  • Organising Tree events
  • Tree Selection
  • Tree Planting
  • Tree identification
  • Tree Biology
  • Pests and Diseases

Sessions in tree planting, woodland management, tree identification, pests and diseases include a practical element.  Kings Heath Park has many species of trees, native and non native, which were planted when the house was built in 1832.

Birmingham Tree People


Identifying native species is also part of the course and so at the start of each session there is a tree quiz.  This is more challenging in the winter when the only available materials are twigs.

However, the Woodland Trust has a useful twig identification sheet:

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